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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shopping on Black Friday

My daughter and I ventured out on Black Friday. Resisting the pull of the Tanger's Outlet Mall was futile. We left on our adventure in shopping after lunch, after all, the die hard bargin hunters would be tiring and going home to rest and sleep it off.

Wrong!! We arrived at the Mall only to find it full of cars circling the parking lot in search of a space like vultures cirling a desert in search of road kill. We joined our fellow vultures zigging and zagging around cars big enough to park over curbs and small cars shoe-horned inbetween trees. After 20 to 30 minutes of fruitless searching we decided to leave. I spotted a family leaving the mall and walking out into the crowded lot. I pointed, said, "Follow that family." The more anxious we became, this was after all our last chance of finding a space, the slower they walked. The mother of the group feeling they were being watched glaced over her shoulder at us. We felt like stalkers. The family finally found their car and started opening doors. "Turn on your turn signal so others know we are waiting for this space." As the red car inched back a large SUV came around the corner facing us. It started into our space!! Without thinking, I waived my arms maddly, mouthing the words, NO, NO, NO. The man driving saw me, smiled and waived as he passed us in search of his own space. We sighed in releif. The rest of the trip was fruitful. I found a pair of white sandles for 70% off retail and Susan found a dress to wear at Christmas Mass. We had fun walking, joking and sharing time together, something we don't get to do as often now that she is in college. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I can't believe my last blog entry was in September. I did have another entry but I got lost on my way to post it. Actually, I had the entry almost finished, accidentally hit the wrong key and zap! it was gone. I was not pleased. In the meantime I have been busy, planting a garden, cleaning out my father-in-law's apartment and volunteering at a local school.

I love the fall. Cooler weather is refreshing, working outside is easier and a lot more pleasant. I mentioned a garden. I am trying garlic for the first time. My husband ordered garlic bulbs, I was expecting one or two bulbs, I think there was half a pound. I planted the cloves off of two bulbs and suggested that the rest make their way to the office. I also planted okra, squash, chives, sweet and hot peppers, onions and spinach. Soon we will have our greenhouse that was damaged in Charlie back up and running. The new roof is on and soon the sides will be replaced. Having a greenhouse is wonderful if you like plants. It protects them in the winter and you turn a knob and you get an instant rain shower. I'm already looking forward to hot-house tomatoes this winter.

The holidays are speeding toward us. I am planning our Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner. As always we will be together as a family. I need to start my annual Christmas letter. Many people, including my mother don't like Christmas letters. She finds them too braggy and sugar sweet. I have one fast, simple rule. What can't fit on one sheet of paper doesn't get put in, I keep it fast paced, humorous and I limit the bragging. I have had people write me after the holidays to complain they didn't get my letter. I then send them one ASAP. Well that's it for today. I do have a snappy, witty Christmas Letter to mastermind. I'll leave you all with this thought, I saw it on a t-shirt in a catalog, Don't Moon a Werewolf.