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Friday, June 28, 2013

Twinkle Toes

I have terrible feet.  I suspect I'm not alone since I can't get in to see my podiatrist until next week.  I've never been one for manicuring my toenails but now that I'm older the appearance of my toes and feet seem to matter.  Summer is here.  Time for bathing suits and sandals.  To my dismay, I can't care for my own toenails.  Oh, I know how and what to do.  I just can't manage to bend far enough to reach the little piggies.  I guess I'll just have to suffer through going to a nail spa and getting a pedicure.  It'll be tough sitting there in the cushioned, massage chair.  A nail specialist soaking, massaging and softening my rough sandpaper skin.  But we do what we must do, right?  

As I was looking at my home page this morning a picture of feet appeared with a caption asking if we knew which celeb belonged to the unattractive toes.  I have to say, they were unflattering.  I bit.  I clicked the link to see a full shot of Jennifer Aniston.  I went on to look at Paris Hilton, Kim Kardasian and many more.  I don't know about you, but if I came face to face with Jennifer Aniston, her feet would be the last thing I'd notice. 

Women are shoe magnates.  They gravitate towards shoe departments like birds to freshly waxed cars parked under a tree.  I think I'm one of the few women who look at a shoe department and see not a treasure trove but a torture chamber.  Shoes are an instrument of torture for me.  I can count the pairs of shoes in my closet on both hands with fingers left over.  Between my poor balance, the melting fatty pads on my heels and the crunching nerves between my toes my feet are a constant source of pain and discomfort.  I don't own a pair of shoes with a heel higher than an inch.  I love going barefoot or walk around in one of my two pairs of athletic shoes with orthopedics inserted. 

Walmart has started putting the Dr. Scholls self help foot machines in their stores.  You take off your shoes, I do hope people have clean, fungus free toes when they step onto the magic pad that analyzes their foot.  It tells you where you need more support.  It just so happens that a display of all the supports is right beside the machine

The people of Thailand are very foot conscience.  They believe happy feet make for a happy person.  When I went to Thailand some years ago, there was a foot massage parlor on every corner.  People would just stop in the middle of their busy day and get a foot massage, then go on their way.  The Thai people are a very friendly and happy group. I must say I learned to enjoy the service.  Getting a massage for the rest of my body didn't feel too bad either. 

Until next time, watch out for bunions, warts and hammer toes.  They all make for ugly feet.