Monday, January 11, 2010

Am I Stupid?

Last night I went on the website, E-mails From Crazy People, one of the off-beat websites my daughter introduced me to this past year. In the side bar was a link to an on-line quiz, Are you Stupid? I was curious, what kind of questions would be on such a quiz? Would it prove I was off-balance? Normal? In my own world? I clicked on the link.

It instructed me to answer a series of questions. They seemed innocent enough. I finished the first twenty. Now, the quiz asked me for personal information in order to get my score results. I became a little leery. I tried to by-pass the personal info without success. I decided to give false info in an effort to fool the quiz masters. I became Lucius Malfoy living at 23 Hogwarts Lane. I clicked continue. It said there were errors on the page. I rechecked the information fields. Lucius was accepted, Oxford California was O.K. The Hogwarts Lane and bogus zip did not. I finally made it to the next series of questions. Every time I finished a series of questions I was asked for personal info, e-mail address, cell phone number etc. I gave bogus info for each.

To make a long quiz short, it kept leading me in circles, promising to give me my score after answering their questions about my shopping habits and cell phone carrier. Now, I may not be the brightest bulb in the pack but what does my cell phone carrier have to do with my stupid score? By the time I said the @$#%^&#$ with this it didn't matter what my stupid score was, I felt plenty stupid without the score.