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Saturday, October 23, 2010


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I bought a Wii for Christmas. The mii's that play the games with you give facial expressions as they win or lose. Winning miis jump up and down, raising their arms up over their heads. If you lose, your mii hangs their head and shakes it back and forth.

I figure, I win even if I lose. I'm up and moving, burning calories and firming muscles wheather I win the actual game or not. I've gotten to be a pretty good bowler on the Wii. I bowled a 247 game last week, something I never did when I was in the bowling league years ago. I wonder if I would do as well if I dusted off my 14 pound ball and went up to the bowling alley ? Oh, well if you hear on the news that a crazy redhead in Florida through her bowling ball backwards through the concession stand, you'll know my ball was too heavy for my fingers to hold on to. Remember, if you can't hit the kingpin, make sure your miss is spectacular.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Empty Nesters Syndrome

My husband and I have entered a new phase in our lives. We are officially, Empty Nester's. Our one and only daughter gleefully went off to college this past August leaving us in her dust. She hasn't stopped since. When friends and family ask how she is doing, they are not surprised she is making excellent grades but they are surprised that she has yet to be homesick. Then they ask how we are adjusting to our new life style. Again they are pleasantly surprised to hear that we are doing well. My husband continues his work with the Henry Nehrling Society and watching the stock market while I have started volunteering two mornings a week at a local elementary school. We also have a young family living in our Mother-in-law apartment. I have had the best time playing Honorary Grandma to their two year old.

Do I miss my sweet girl? Absolutely. Am I pining away with a bottle of Wild Turkey in one hand and a Napoleon in the other? No. After all, isn't it the goal to raise our children to go forth and forge their own lives? The fact she wanted to go out of state to college and is excelling tells me we did a great job getting her ready for adulthood. I have no doubt she will make her mark on the world. Her fourth grade teacher told me, "She's going to invent something big some day." I have no doubt she will and her dad and I will be right there telling all the embarrousing baby stories we can remember.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Am I Stupid?

Last night I went on the website, E-mails From Crazy People, one of the off-beat websites my daughter introduced me to this past year. In the side bar was a link to an on-line quiz, Are you Stupid? I was curious, what kind of questions would be on such a quiz? Would it prove I was off-balance? Normal? In my own world? I clicked on the link.

It instructed me to answer a series of questions. They seemed innocent enough. I finished the first twenty. Now, the quiz asked me for personal information in order to get my score results. I became a little leery. I tried to by-pass the personal info without success. I decided to give false info in an effort to fool the quiz masters. I became Lucius Malfoy living at 23 Hogwarts Lane. I clicked continue. It said there were errors on the page. I rechecked the information fields. Lucius was accepted, Oxford California was O.K. The Hogwarts Lane and bogus zip did not. I finally made it to the next series of questions. Every time I finished a series of questions I was asked for personal info, e-mail address, cell phone number etc. I gave bogus info for each.

To make a long quiz short, it kept leading me in circles, promising to give me my score after answering their questions about my shopping habits and cell phone carrier. Now, I may not be the brightest bulb in the pack but what does my cell phone carrier have to do with my stupid score? By the time I said the @$#%^&#$ with this it didn't matter what my stupid score was, I felt plenty stupid without the score.