Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Empty Nesters Syndrome

My husband and I have entered a new phase in our lives. We are officially, Empty Nester's. Our one and only daughter gleefully went off to college this past August leaving us in her dust. She hasn't stopped since. When friends and family ask how she is doing, they are not surprised she is making excellent grades but they are surprised that she has yet to be homesick. Then they ask how we are adjusting to our new life style. Again they are pleasantly surprised to hear that we are doing well. My husband continues his work with the Henry Nehrling Society and watching the stock market while I have started volunteering two mornings a week at a local elementary school. We also have a young family living in our Mother-in-law apartment. I have had the best time playing Honorary Grandma to their two year old.

Do I miss my sweet girl? Absolutely. Am I pining away with a bottle of Wild Turkey in one hand and a Napoleon in the other? No. After all, isn't it the goal to raise our children to go forth and forge their own lives? The fact she wanted to go out of state to college and is excelling tells me we did a great job getting her ready for adulthood. I have no doubt she will make her mark on the world. Her fourth grade teacher told me, "She's going to invent something big some day." I have no doubt she will and her dad and I will be right there telling all the embarrousing baby stories we can remember.

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  1. I chuckled through this posting, the light heart approach you took, makes me smile when at most times I would be sighing. My youngest son is about to forage through the world as well. And even though it still doesn't leave me an Empty Nester( MY fiancee' still has 3 at home),the thought of my baby growing up, is sometimes unbearable....Ty for the soft spotted insight. It is much appreciated.