Monday, September 5, 2011


As a budding writer I receive and read a lot of emails about writing.  Last week I received an article on blogging.  It highly recommended that your blog have a definite theme that followers can count on.  I thought, I've done that, haven't I?  I write about life and its' many quirks.  Then I thought again.  Perhaps that is too broad a subject area.  I re-thought my blog and what I could write about that my readers could count on and still be quirky.  A thought came hurling towards me, then it hit.  Odd news and how it relates to our everyday lives.  There are many sites devoted to the odd, off- the-wall or just plain bizarre news from around the world.  What none of them offer is how these odd stories relate to the average person.  I decided to give it a go.  So here's my first blog entry with my new theme, odd news and how it relates to the real world of the average Joe or Jane.

Last week there was a story about a man with the nick-name 24.  Twenty-four is the number of hours in a day, the amount of donuts in a box of two dozen, unless you get two baker's dozens then you have 26.  It was the name of a popular TV show because Jack Bauer saved the world every week in 24 hours.  This man got his nick-name because he had 24 fingers and toes.  No, not 24 on each extremity, 24 total digits, six on each hand and foot.  Unlike most nick-names, he didn't mind being called 24.  He said it made him unique.  In school when he had trouble adding 5+5, his teacher suggested he use his fingers to help, he came up with 12, the teacher had forgotten he had two extra.
24 also likes having extra fingers and toes because they help in his job, he climbs palm trees picking coconuts.  Mother Nature gave him lemons so he made lemonade.

Most of us have had a nick-name at one time or another. Being a redhead I have had more than my share. Red-headed woodpecker, Red-headed bombshell, Carrot-top or just plain Red to name a few.  While switching classes in high school one day, the brother of a good friend called from behind me, "Hey, Elana, your hair's on fire!"  I shot back, "Quick, roast some marshmallows and make samores."  I had the last laugh. 

Until next time, always use nick-names with care, not everyone knows how to make descent glass of lemonade.

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