Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Dream Car

A few posts back I talked about technology in the Jetson's catching up to reality.  Well, technology has once again caught up to my imagination.

We all have our dream car.  When I was younger, and by younger I mean pre-driving age, my dream car was a Mercedes Coupe.  I thought they were the cats meow.  When I reached driving age my dream car became anything that ran. 

As a child I would ride in the back of our family station wagon and use the vents as steering wheels and microphones.  I would start my engine and tell the car where to take me and off we went.

I heard on the news a few weeks back that my new idea of a dream car is about to become a reality.  I was born with several eye conditions that make sharing the road with other drivers at night, well, it isn't a good idea.  I also have difficulty reading signs, so driving in unfamiliar places is frustrating.  All of this is about to change.

We already have a car that will parallel park itself, something I could use when trying to squeeze my F-150 into a space meant for a mini coupe.  The next logical step was to develop a car that will drive itself.  I heard this and watched the story.  The possibilities flashed before my eyes.  I would no longer be dependant on others if I wanted to go out at night.  Unfamiliar streets would no longer be a problem as long as the GPS information was up-to-date.  I would be free to roam where I wanted and when I wanted. 

I thought of what this would mean to older drivers.  They could continue driving on their own keeping their Independence.  People who go out and celebrate could get home safely, well as long as they could remember where to tell the car to take them.  The possibilities for this new age technology is endless.  I don't know how much this new auto is going to sell for, but I plan to pay the price and think it is worth every dollar.


  1. Safety of the driver and passengers is always worth every penny. This is one of the many examples of innovation and technological advancement that is well to impact the lives of people in a good way.

    Leisa Dreps

  2. Is that really true? A car that drives on its own was invented already, and it’s available on the market now? I haven't heard of it; just now. It would be great though if it's true.

    Carry Bacot

  3. Wow! Cool. I agree with Leisa. A smart car like that will definitely be a great help. I think there will be fewer accidents on the road too! :D

    - Maria