Thursday, January 10, 2013

Garlic for the Masses

Garlic is a well known staple in many cultures.  You can't be Italian unless you love garlic almost to the point of dousing one self in its' juices.  The one cuisine I don't connect garlic to is Chinese.

I had no idea that China is one of the largest exporters of Garlic in the world until I read about two Brits wanted for garlic smuggling.  They smuggled millions of dollars in garlic bulbs from China, through the Netherlands and beyond.  Looks like the mere odor would have given them away.  Garlic smuggling out of China is popular because it is a cheap source of the fragrant bulb.  Garlic is economical enough through more expensive sources I can't imagine how many bulbs and cloves a million plus dollars of Chinese garlic would be.   Imagine the gallons upon gallons of spaghetti sauce, pesto or scampi you could make.  You could also make hundreds maybe even thousands of garlands to ward off all the vampires springing up in movies and on TV.  Until next time go by the garlic display at your local produce stand and breath in the aroma, it can take you all the way to China and beyond.

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