Monday, August 31, 2009


I went to the grocery store with my daughter last week. She wanted orange juice so while she browsed over the selection of yogurt I stopped in front of the orange juice section. It used to be choosing was easy. Orange juice was orange juice the world round. As I reached for a carton of Minute Maid, I stopped in mid reach. There used to be two choices, with or without pulp. Now the choices have expanded, not only was there was oj with or without pulp, now oj with calcium, fiber or extra pulp joined them. Shouldn't extra pulp be considered fiber?

It is the same story on every aisle. There is white bread, whole wheat bread that mascarades as white, real whole wheat, double fiber whole wheat, rye, seven seed, oatmeal, potato, you get the picture. No wonder it takes me five hours to select four items. You need a Ph.D to shop and know what you are buying. I taught my daughter early how to read the label for nutritional information. At four she would pick up a box and announce, "Mom, look, this one only has 4 grams of fat." People would turn around and stare open mouthed. She has continued to surprise and amaze me everyday since.

Well, I'm visiting family and between the tennis match to my right and the tv turned up to drown out the stationary bike down the hall, I can't consintrate and be witty, so I'll say so long for now, I'll be back when peace and quiet prevail.

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