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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

On The ? Edge of Medicine

I've been away taking care of family but I'm back.  Did you miss me?  Of course you did.

When contemplating what to write about this week I originally thought of marijuana.  It made the news in two spots in the past couple of weeks.  There was a story about the drug smuggler who made a cannon that shot bundles of weed over the Mexican/USA boarder where it was picked up by his associates.  There was also a story about a woman who received a package of marijuana by mistake.  She was suing the delivery service because the intended recipients came looking for it after the delivery driver told them where he had left it.  They showed up on her doorstep demanding their property.  But a better story was dumped on me instead.

I was talking to a friend in the health care field when she mentioned having to attend a meeting on  Fecal Transplants.  That's right, fecal not facial.  She said it wasn't the way she liked starting her day.

I won't describe what I imagined a fecal transplant entailed.  I'll simply tell you what it is.

Fecal transplants also known as  Fecal Microbiota Transplantationare (FMT) is done on people with serious imbalances in their intestinal tract.  Colitis and IBS are just two of these conditions. Some sufferer's  have found relief using this type of treatment.

There are only a few facilities around the world that offer this treatment.  In Portland, Oregon you and your donor can spend two weeks on a retreat while the treatment is performed and the recipients learns how to better cope with their condition.  The clinic will provide the donor from their donor bank or you can bring your own.  Family members are recommended.

What is a Fecal Transplant and how is it performed?  The donor is tested for any and all diseases and illnesses.  Once a donor has been cleared, the fical matter is collected.  It goes through a process to remove the bacteria from the sample.  The bacteria is then tested to make sure it is free from any contaminants.  Once cleared, the bacteria is mixed with a sterile medium that is introduced to the recipient via colonoscapy or enema.  That's it. 

Until next time watch where you step, it might just be your next treatment sample.


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